The Sound Inside

Funnily enough, my grandfather sent me to this one. He heard about a show that starts completely in the dark and slowly introduces light. I was intrigued by this and thought I'd give it a shot.

I got my tickets through LincTIX and ended up in the very last row of the theater. Fortunately for me, there were a whole bunch of open seats in front of me and I was able to self-upgrade by about 10 rows. Dope.

As the show began the theater staff were more diligent than usual to make sure cell phones were off. Shortly after, the theater goes pitch black. Bella (Mary-Louise Parker) walks on stage and begins to tell her story.

Over the next 90 minutes we see an incredibly moving story about a Professor, Bella, and her student, Christopher (Will Hochman). I won't go too far into the plot here. What I will say is the show is constantly taking turns we don't expect. Every time I assumed I knew what was coming next, I was wrong. It helps that Bella is an unreliable narrator so we can't always assume she's telling us the facts.

The sets were not very complicated, but they were very impressive. The darkness allows us to expand on the world we see in front of us on top of the small scenes we're shown.

One of my favorite parts of this play were the meta lessons in story-telling. The characters are constantly talking about staying ahead of your reader by staying ahead of yourself. This was fitting with the twist and turns the story takes.

Overall I really liked this show. I definitely recommend seeing it if you get the chance.

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