Scotland, PA

I've mentioned in the past, I run Broadway Club at Dropbox. In this case we got to see this show as a during the day offsite; not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. I picked up our group tickets from Broadway Inbound and brought 29 of my closest coworkers to see it with me.

So how was show? Let me allow former President Barack Obama to take this one.

This show was stupid, it was kitschy, it was quirky, it was fun. Don't get me wrong, this show was not a mastery of the art of musical theater, but it's great for what it is.

From where I'm standing this show attempted to do two things

  1. Modernize Macbeth in a way that makes sense to modern audience.
  2. Make sure we're not bored while it does number one.

It totally pulls those off. Scotland, Pa takes place in Fall 1975 in, you guessed it, Scotland Pennsylvania. Macbeth is now Mac a stoner who keeps having his ideas rejected by his boss at the local burger joint.

The plot closely mirrors Macbeth with everything from gruesome murders to ghosts from beyond. In what should be a spoiler to no one, Mac kills the owner, takes charge of the burger joint, and whips the operation into shape. When people get too close to the secret, he kills them too.

As we approach the end of act 1, the burger joint begins to appear more and more like a modern fast food restaurant. The big mid show reveal being, it's McDonalds, big Mac and all.

This show didn't feel totally put together. There were quite a few jokes that didn't land but I know they were trying. There were times I wondered what the hell Roundabout was thinking commissioning this show.

The songs were fun but kinda repetitive. I definitely don't need a cast recording from this one.

Overall I'd give this show a B-. I'm glad we have nonprofit theaters like Roundabout to stage non traditional shows like this one, even if it could have gone down better.

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