Only Human

Poor Only Human. It has so much potential and it's such a mess. It attempts to be The Office in Heaven but instead manages to have more plot-holes than the Matrix trilogy.

The Boss (God), played by Gary Busey, is running a company of sorts that's creating the world. His employees are his son Jay (Jesus), played by Evan Maltby, Lou (Lucifer) played by Mike Squillante, and Maggie (Mary Magdalene) played by Kim Steele.

I really wanted this show to be good. The premise has a lot going for it. We're all deeply familiar with the story, The Bible, and watching it told in a quirky way is a lot of fun. It feels more like they're making fandom references than actually telling a story though.

They also never really give us any understanding about what Heaven actually is here, and for that matter, what is Earth? Sometimes we're inclined to believe Earth is a computer program, other times we feel like it's the world. We have souls ending up in Heaven and Hell, but there's no implication as to what that means.

Even more, what are these souls? They're computer simulations? But we care about them? The whole thing was confusing.

The music was okay. It was a bit of fun and three out of four actors are great performers. Sure, there were no takeaway hits, but overall it was fun.

Gary Busey was terrible, just truly awful. He had so few lines, and did so little work, you can tell he's only there for b-list celebrity recognition. On the rare occasions he sings, his voice is always cracking.

It's really too bad Gary Busey overshadows the marketting here, because the rest of the cast is quite good. Mike Squillante and Kim Steele are both fantastic in their roles (for what the were) and are clearly talented actors.

Evan Maltby is of course my favorite. From Cedric (Puffs) to Mark (Rent) to Jesus he always embodies his role. In Only Human he consistently pulls off the privileged stoner character.

I wasn't surprised to hear this show closed a week after opening. It was a mess, but a fun mess.

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