Harry Connick Jr: A Celebration of Cole Porter

If you know me, you probably know When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie, full stop. What you might not know, is the soundtrack was performed by the one and only Harry Connick Jr. I heard he was coming to Broadway for just a few weeks and I had to see him live.

The show was A Celebration of Cole Porter or 90 minutes of Harry Connick Jr performing the works of Cole Porter. Porter was a famous musician in the 30s and 40s and is most known for his works on broadway including Anything Goes.

This was more of a concert on a broadway stage than anything else. Harry performed a series of Cole Porter's hits with a massive orchestra on stage with him. I didn't know most of them, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

There was an attempt at a narrative that was simply goofy. The show opens with a video of Harry approaching a massive statue of Cole Porter and entering it's brain. There were various acts where he'd "run into a friend" on stage and they'd go to a bar in New Orleans that was a set wheeled on stage.

It was cute, it was kitschy, it gave us a nice break between songs. Most of the time when they did this the acting was laughably bad. I hope they were in on the joke. None of this took away from the show itself, it was just silly entertainment.

The highlight of this show was when they brought out a massive piano that took up the whole width of the stage. Harry Connick Jr. and a Cole Porter look-alike ran across the stage playing this piano and then climbed on top and tap danced. This was very cool to watch.

I'm really glad I caught this. It was a limited run (just a few weeks), so it was special. I'll definitely be seeing his next regular performance.

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