Freestyle Love Supreme

Before Hamilton, before In The Heights there was Freestyle Love Supreme. That's the first thing anybody hears about FLS. If they're paying attention they know that means one thing, this is another baby of Lin Manuel Miranda. Surprisingly enough, it's not starring him, at least not most nights.

So what is it? Freestyle Love Supreme is an improv comedy show staring the friends of Lin Manuel Miranda. Every night different members of a rotating group take the stage. I didn't get to see Lin Manuel, but I did get to see Wayne Brady, James Monroe Iglehart, and Chris Jackson.

The show is split up into a few parts. The first part is Word Submission. They go through a bucket of presubmitted words and find one to include in their freestyle. For our performance it was bloviate, the perfect word. Each of the rappers on stage weaved this word into their rhymes and had a lot of fun with it.

They repeated this again with a second word, but this time it was one provided live. The MC queried the audience for words. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember what the word was, bit they all fit it into (true) rapped stories about their individual lives.

After the word submissions they did a bit on a famous person. Again the MC surveyed the audience to find an appropriate person to talk about. They went with Weird Al. This proceeded into a fantastic freestyle about Weird Al's entire career.

Up next they give a member of the audience a do-over in life. This was probably my favorite piece. One of the audience members told a story about accidentally cutting her sister's finger off in a door. The cast first told a story that ended in a zombie apocalypse, then did a rewind and had the sister's winning Nobel prizes.

Finally, they bring an audience member on stage and ask about their day. They had a couple of rules, but my favorite one "it can't be your birthday." Our audience member was the broiest of bros who went to not one, but two brunches that day. He also ubered everywhere. The cast torched him, but lovingly.

One thing that stands out is the Yondr pouches. The producers ask the audience to store their phones in a sealed pouch throughout the course of the show. You can hold your phone, but you can't get in there. This makes so much sense. These people are grade A celebrities. Without worrying about being filmed, the cast can be much more free in their freestyles.

This show was so much fun I need to see it again. I can only imagine the types of stories they get to tell with this format. 10/10 definitely see if you get the chance.

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