The Ferryman

I tend to view things on repeat. I've seen Network twice, Be More Chill four times, and Hamilton nine times. Usually my bar for how much I like something is how many times I want to see it again.

This makes the Ferryman particularly unique for me in that I loved it, but I only feel the need to see it once. This might be because it's three and a half hours long, or maybe it's just because I'm not Irish-Catholic.

The Ferryman is an ensemble show revolving around a family in rural northern Ireland. It takes place in the Troubles in the 1980s. Quinn, the family patriarch was previously involved with the IRA before his brother, Seamus, went missing 10 years ago. The story starts with the discovery of his brothers body.

As the IRA is causing trouble, the Carney family are living their daily lives. They've got their yearly harvest, senile elders, and sexual tension between in-laws. The 22 cast members are of all ages including an infant, teenagers, adults, and retirees. Each of the members of the family has their own story regarding Seamus' disappearance and their feelings towards the IRA.

Watching this show was like binge watching a serial drama, and after each act I was craving the next one. At the end I was hoping for more.

Overall, I recommend this show. If you're looking for a deep play with a strong cast, this is it.